Nov 072013

Nice ass huh? Can we call that art? Yes you can! A nice ass is always art in my book. I’m not here however to talk about female art or anything even close to that. What I’m here to tell is that since this past Friday it’s been a lot more simple to find dates in my town and thats not because more chicks have moved in or anything like that. It’s simply because a friend invited me to check out a place called date match. An online dating website, actually its a network if you calculate that it connects people not only in the United States of America, but also Canada and most of Europe. Like said I signed up as soon as I got off work this past Friday and had a look around, my buddy said that he’s getting all the pussy that he can through this site, so why wouldn’t I try it out as well?

I banked on first hit? NO! The first two that hit me up: One was fat and ugly and the second was super hot, but lived 35 miles away and that to far, the third that I found was hot and lived a few blocks away. I asked her out on a date and she replied that shes only sex dating at this time, in other words, she wants to fuck and thats it. The reason is pretty simple, the babe is engaged and is getting married in three weeks time, and during this period, shes messing around to get her last kicks!

amateur slut

The date was as good as the piece of ass that she showed me that same day on webcam, she was one perky slut. great sex overall and I would do it again, but she just didn’t want to see me again and said she was looking now for another man to have sex with. I didn’t waste time as well and have found another hot cheating milf to sex date with this evening. Her name is Melanie age 41, rich, spoiled and wants to meet me at a villa at the top of the Hilton hotel right here downtown.

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