Feb 172013

This is Serena and she is a very kinky babe, needless to say that I found her over at Bondage webcams where she preforms on a daily basis the thing that she loves best and that would be anything that you want her to do as long as its BDSM, bizarre, fetish and way out of the way fucking weird. However who has actually dated this crazy fucking bitch has reported that when she’s dressed and in public, she’s actually pretty cool and tame, it’s only when you get her in a room alone, she becomes the fetish queen and will lose control of her emotions and do all the naughty things that the guys want her to do. I suggest that you check her out, not that I’ll gain anything doing so, but she’s worth a ride on cam. I still have another free coupon and I know who I’ll use it on!


Feb 052013

I suggest you check out Live Sex Chat because thats where I hooked up with Candy, her real name is Lisa and shes a college student from Washington state. I live in Oregon and she told me last time that we went one on one that she wants me to come and visit her once that school is over and we can have some one on one in person. However this babe is just as good as it would be in real life, shes made me cum so many times over the web that I have lost count. I would suggest Lisa to all of you and thats why I’m posting about it today on my blog instead of showing you a video. It’s something new and at the same time it’s a bone that I’m throwing out to you all, take it or leave it, but if you leave it don’t complain later that you lost out as I’m not to sure how long Candy Lisa will be doing this for a living as she said once she graduates shes going to become a pornstar and this live adventure will be over for her!


Jun 212012

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Oct 142011

This brunette bitch is so proud of her ass. Watch her on all fours, letting her butt protrude way up high and then goes to her side, as she slides her hands, feeling the smoothness of her skin and finally, see her straddle like a frog, seemingly teasing you like she has a cock buried deep inside her.