Jun 222015
College porn is the fucking bomb

This blog has already been around for seven years, in the past three we have been reviewing websites, posting articles about new things that are happening on the World Wide Web, and here is one right for you, if you have ever had the urge to Fuck MILFs but you are married, you have a […]

Apr 092014
Have an affair tonight with Untrue.com

Nice spread huh? Mrs. Janice cheese out of London in the UK and is into some serious Sex Affairs that’s why she’s using untrue.com to find that sex that she needs on a regular basis, she could get it from her husband but he’s pretty busy and she really gets laid, so even though she […]

Jan 042014
Get laid guaranteed, its as simple as that!

This factor getting laid guaranteed, I’ve read it over and over again on the major search engines on adult websites, our mainstream websites in general. And me like a full, clicked on the banner on the link, and signed up to that website that promise me that I could get laid in minutes, at the […]

Nov 072013
Finding dates in my town made simple

Nice ass huh? Can we call that art? Yes you can! A nice ass is always art in my book. I’m not here however to talk about female art or anything even close to that. What I’m here to tell is that since this past Friday it’s been a lot more simple to find dates […]