Nov 072013
Finding dates in my town made simple

Nice ass huh? Can we call that art? Yes you can! A nice ass is always art in my book. I’m not here however to talk about female art or anything even close to that. What I’m here to tell is that since this past Friday it’s been a lot more simple to find dates […]

Oct 172013
Off duty webcam chick that I banged

I love webcam babes, they’re all sluts, it’s needless to say that there are some that are good girls, anyone that is willing to fuck their pussy or stuff a rubber object up their ass, is not a good person, but nothing than a whore. But there are so many of them and some of […]

Sep 272013
Amateur Match Sex dating

I’m really not someone that will go online looking for pussy. However I do have fun from time to time checking out chicks on webcam over at If my wife finds out though I’m worthless dead meat, she’ll cut my balls off and feed them to the dogs, I’m telling you. Things with me […]

Aug 282013

I love them as in the cheaters mobile website. I love cheating girls as well, but this time I want to talk about who actually is bringing together these cheating couples, about them that are getting me laid and another 14 million people that are a part of their members area in the world today. […]

Aug 052013
Coming soon for all you cheaters

Are you married? Looking for an affair but you can’t find someone to have sex with on the side, scared of being unfaithful? Don’t be, because soon there will be a service that will help you in doing all this and lowering the risks and your affair, your cheating, your so called “sex dating on […]

Jul 282013
We can call this art as well

Stuffing your ass with stuff can be called art. If you’re hot and have someone that knows how to take photos I guess. This chick here is very fucking hot, but far away from being photographed the right way. It’s a shame, thats why I asked her to come by tomorrow over at my place […]

Jul 182013
The best live cock sucker ever

This is Danielle a chick thats from jacksonville in Florida. I met her online and we have met a few times, we fucked needless to fucking say cos she’s a fucking whore. But I had better plans for us. Well firs of all I recorded both times that we fucked and edited the videos and […]

Jun 302013
Cam cock sucker

Meet greeneyed a very popular web cam star. Popular because she won’t limit her shows to fucking her pussy, thats not going to be her case, no fucking way. She will bring in a guy once in a while and suck his cock on live streaming. She will send out an email alert that shes […]

Jun 292013
She looks even better in real life

I know that because I dated her for one night. All thanks to Amateur Match Mobile that put me in contact with this 23 year old chick that has a boyfriend that works up in Chicago and flys down to see her every weekend. We fucked this past Thursday and thats all that she wanted […]

Jun 182013
She needs cock badly

Panty Stuffing babe that is so fucking famous in Japan has now moved to a higher level, she can now be seen and watched on LIVEFREEFUN.COM. See first she was on an IP network that only people from inside Nippon could watch her, but she has taken the next step and has decided that if […]

Jun 092013
Webcam whore of the month

Needless to say shes from the webcam network called free fun live . She’s dressed right now, but this isn’t the dressed kind of webcam site like, that is also great, but we are talking about pure whores, filthy fucking bitches, slags that will do anything for you as long as you say what […]